Editor's Message

  Traditionally HR Departments or Personnel Departments as they were termed, lived in oblivion and were always passed off as a backend/support department. In the last decade businesses have come alive to the importance of Human Resource, as a function and it’s importance in the overall growth and development of their businesses.

Despite the rampant growth in the importance of the HR function and a scenario, where HR Managers/ senior functionaries became part of management and an integral part of all strategic management decisions, we saw a huge vacuum in the field of HR journalism. Human Resource, a monthly magazine is our effort to adequately bridge this gap/void. In line with the same we embarked upon a well researched journey, to set up a balanced and life stylish publication, which in addition to apprising the reader, regarding the latest in HR + analytical stories on HR Issues/Concepts to generate an appropriate insight + the latest in technology, thus making it an interesting as well as comprehensive reading material .